Casey Nilsson

Eat This for Dinner: Grilled Whole Chicken and In-Season Veggies

Heat it up, rub it down, grill, baby, grill then eat your heart out. It's that easy.

I have experienced my first summer dilemma of the year – what to eat for dinner when the heat and humidity have rolled on in. I craved something quick, easy and delicious for dinner, but I’d rather have starved than crank up that oven. (Thinkin’ I’ll feel the same way on Sunday. Ninety-four degrees – yikes!)

Island-Hopping in Narragansett Bay

We explored the five key islands in upper Narragansett Bay from the Colonial-era song for schoolchildren: "Prudence, Patience, Hope and Despair, and Little Hog Island, right over there."

Three centuries later, not much has changed there.