Author: Casey Nilsson

A Day in the Life at Rhode Island’s Nudist Camp

We sent one brave reporter to spend a late-summer day at Dyer Woods Nudist Campgrounds in Foster.

“The most intimidating part of social nudity is the parking lot. You see more, from the panaroma of your windshield, than you could ever absorb in polite company.”

Seeking Peace in Providence

In the aftermath of a gang-related murder, a community grapples with how to prevent the next shooting.

“No retaliation. Allow the police to do their job…. I don’t want your mother standing where I’m at. I love you too much. Love Devin enough to allow this to wake you up.”

The Life of a Rhode Island Dreamer

A young woman, who was brought to the United States as an infant, struggles to make sense of her place in a country that calls her illegal.

“I’m double thinking everything…. Nothing is promised. Not today. Not tomorrow.”

Snapshot: Life on Coggeshall Farm

Life after tragedy goes on, as it has always done.

Paul Revere is best known for his midnight ride in 1775, but he was also an accomplished silversmith and iron worker. In 1798, he cast four bronze cannons for the state of Rhode Island. They live on at the armory on Clarke Street. It’s home to the Artillery Company of Newport, the oldest militia still in continuous service in the…