House Lust: A Fairy Tale Cottage by the Wickford Shore is on the Market

The neighbors call it "the Disney house."

When Jami Krause first visited this tiny stone cottage in Wickford, the homeowners were sitting on their front porch in rocking chairs.

“I thought: ‘This is not real. This is out of a fairy tale,’ ” says Krause, “and then you see the water.”

There’s something magical about this place — so much so that the neighbors call it “the Disney house,” says Krause. And, like the sweet cottages from fairy tales, its magic comes from its timelessness. Its charms aren’t limited to the exterior, either. Soapstone counters in the kitchen, stained glass windows and knotty hardwood floors are just some of the tangibles that, when pieced together, are wholly evocative of the past without betraying the present.

The homeowners worked hard, for more than two decades, to make it this way. From the glasswork to the antique doors, many elements reflect years of collecting and of artistry. They shared the space with their children, then their grandchildren. And now they’ll share it with another family. Krause, of Island Realty’s Coastal RI Team, listed the house five days ago.

To be sure, the cottage is not without its quirks, says Krause. It’s small, that’s a given. There isn’t much headroom in the loft. No washer or dryer. And to get out to the second-level porch, you have to climb through a casement window. But doesn’t that seem just right? Should you be able to sweep through French doors in a house like this? No: You should crouch first, then behold. The element of surprise and, yes, the effort, only imbue the view — and the house itself — with more wonder.

Here’s your fairy tale House Lust:


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