The Power of Plants at Farmacy Herbs

A community health and herbal education center is tucked away among the flowers in a quiet corner of Providence.

We talked with Anna Fox, manager of Farmacy Herbs, about the education and knowledge in which people can learn how to integrate herbs into their day-to-day lifestyle. For these herbalists, it is all about taking herbs back to their roots and using the power of plants for holistic and whole-body purposes.

Fashion Forward: Street Style in PVD

Fashion is a way of telling your story through a piece of clothing, so we took to the streets of PVD to learn more about the people (and the way they dress) who call the city home.   

Providence is known as the Creative Capital because of it’s artistic design (hello, wall art), bustling places (Thayer Street and College Hill) and the funky fashion trends popping up on every street corner.