Owner of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails Opens Gallery

The World's Fair Gallery will exhibit art and host workshops paired with creative libations.

Willa Van Nostrand of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails is known for her creative libations (see here. Can you say, yum?), but she also has a past in the local art scene. Before launching her successful cocktail company, she had gigs at various galleries in the state, which was part of the inspiration for merging her two interests to create  the World’s Fair…

RIHS Now Offers Free Admission for Student Groups

Take a free educational tour at the John Brown House Museum, the Museum of Work and Culture, and the Robinson Research Center.

Via, from the “Thunder and Steam” exhibition at the Museum of Work and Culture. Today, the Rhode Island Historical Society (RIHS) announced some big news: Tours at three RIHS-run sites — the John Brown House, the Museum of Work and Culture and the Robinson Research Center — will henceforth be free for all classes and student groups from preschool…