Gavi Klein

4 Places to Pick Up Coffee

Local coffee shops where you can pick up coffee drinks, coffee beans and more.

Rhode Island has a strong coffee tradition, whether in the plethora of coffee shops and cafes across our small state, or in the delicious, official state drink of Rhode Island, coffee milk.

Socially Distanced Movements Going On in Your Neighborhood

Take a walk in your neighborhood and you might go on a Bear Hunt, admire public artwork, spot lots of hearts or observe the Front Steps Project.

Bears spotted along a road. Photo by Jamie Coelho. As the world struggles to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over our lives, many of us have found simple respite in staying home, taking walks, going for drives or even hanging out on the front steps outside. Maintaining social distance (staying six to ten feet away from anyone else,…

Q-and-A with Artist Noah Lubin

After spending time in Israel, where he sold his first art pieces, Lubin decided to pursue contemporary art as a career.

After having some success selling my paintings on the street, I had decided to walk into an art gallery with some of my paintings. They declined viewing unsolicited work, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer.