Q-and-A with Artist Noah Lubin

After spending time in Israel, where he sold his first art pieces, Lubin decided to pursue contemporary art as a career.

Artist Noah Lubin.

When did you start making art professionally?

I started selling art in Israel. I had moved to Jerusalem after graduate school for Jewish studies. After having some success selling my paintings on the street, I had decided to walk into an art gallery with some of my paintings. They declined viewing unsolicited work, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. They took a look, probably to get rid of me, and liked what they saw. I landed my first gallery connection.

How did you end up making art in Providence? What brought you here?

After living in Israel for more than three years, I got married. My wife was in Boston so I chased her. We ended up moving to Providence a few years ago for housing and fell in love with the city.

Who are your main artistic (or otherwise) influences?

I spent a lot of time in artist studios in Chicago. My mother had worked on city art projects and took me along with her. Those artists had the greatest influence on me.  Besides them, I loved Picasso, Basquiat, Debuffet, and more recently, Per Kirkeby.

Lubin’s daughter in front of his piece, “Field.”

Where do you draw inspiration for your art? Have these sources changed over time?

I draw inspiration from everywhere. The bottle inside fills up, and then I seek to pour it out onto the canvas. Painting is my spiritual survival. My release.

Where can people find more information about your art/ purchase your art?

It’s best to email me directly at noahlubin@gmail.com or visit my gallery now at Hope Artist Village in Pawtucket.


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