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Interviews with Four Local Authors About Their Latest Novels

Local authors Mike Squatrito, Janet Taylor Lisle, R.K. Bentley and Huntley Fitzpatrick share how Rhode Island and Southeastern New England have inspired their work, while also giving advice for aspiring writers.

We corresponded with four local authors to find out how the Ocean State has inspired their collections of work, and we asked for advice for other aspiring writers to get started writing that novel.

Healthy Summer Recipes to Make at Home Tonight

We got the skinny on satiating recipes that will pique your appetite in the hottest month of the year.

As we enter the last official month of summer, we health-conscious New Englanders get less zealous about spending time in the kitchen (because really, who likes preheating the oven when it’s ninety degrees outside?).

Mariposa Vintage Explains the Slow Fashion Movement

Conchi Ruiz Cabello shares how everyday consumers can be more mindful about their fashion decisions. 

Mariposa Vintage is an online retail space that seeks to lessen the impact fast fashion has on the planet by rescuing vintage secondhand goods that may have seen better days, repairing them and selling them on an online platform.

Providence Restaurant Weeks Kick Off with 90 Dining Options

Three-course lunches start at $16.95, and the three-course dinners are $29.95, $34.95 or $49.95.

“When I was growing up, Federal Hill was known as the place to go for Italian food,” Elorza says. “And it still is known as that place but today it is also known as the place to go for great Asian food, or Mexican food, or so many more other foods from throughout the world.”