Dining Review: Palo Tapas Bar

The Providence newcomer is a culinary love letter to southern Spain.

Quesos y embutidos. Photography by Angel Tucker. Samir Zaiter, owner of Palo Tapas Bar, isn’t interested in riffs as much as romance — his love affair with Southern Spain so pronounced that he left corporate America in pursuit of a culinary homage. In the midst of a prolonged restaurant crisis, Zaiter has taken over the old 3 Steeple Street space…

Dining Review: Rhody Roots

The Warren eatery marries a midnight refrigerator raid with technical skill.

Sticky ribs. Photography by angel Tucker. Cassandra Brimmer and Luis Cruz think it’s a crime to follow a single path when you can ramble down several. The mantra is manifest in the eclectic decor of their restaurant, Rhody Roots: farmhouse windows at the bar, Italian tile on the dining room floor, a graffiti wall that asks what type of superhero…

Dining Review: Giusto in Newport

This Newport newcomer updates simple Italian cooking to create dishes that are both satisfying and inspiring.

Casarecci with chicken sugo, black truffle and broccoli. Photography by Angel Tucker The word “freestyle” is thrown around a lot in reference to Giusto. It’s a term that allows chef-owner Kevin O’Donnell some liberties in a traditional Italian kitchen, as well as a marketing tool to announce something unexpected. It’s not entirely accurate though. Giusto is unexpected if you’re comparing…