John Kiernan

Inside East Greenwich’s Mysterious Varnum Armory

It presides over a prominent downtown corner, but the armory and its historic collections are relatively unknown.

“What I always point out to kids when we give tours: Here’s the most powerful man in our country, and he signs his letters ‘Your Most Obedient Servant, G. Washington.’ “

10 Fish ‘n’ Chips Joints to Hit Up During Lent

Readers' favorite places to get fried fish goodness this Lenten season.

We took a handful of your favorite places for fish and chips and sifted through them for the most popular. The pattern: Turns out pizzerias often make some mean seafood. Who knew? Anyways, here are ten of the best fish-and-chipperies according to you: Arcadia Pizza From Arcadia Pizza Facebook Served only on Fridays, Arcadia’s fish are guaranteed fresh. You can…

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