John Kiernan

5 Best Camping Spots in Rhode Island

Pitch a tent (or feel the comforts of a camper), kick back and enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors.

“While the campground may be overflowing with natural luxuries, the amenities are sparse: there are no showers or flush toilets here. When planning your visit, expect a truly rural retreat.”

Top Dentist: A Late Bloomer

This dentist came to the profession mid-career and never looked back.

Lisa Hilpl flew down the slopes, packed snow whirling beneath her skis and crisp winter air rushing past. It was everything skiing should be: exhilarating, fun and a refreshing break from work. But then the worst happened: At forty-five miles an hour, she collided face-first with a tree.

Inside East Greenwich’s Mysterious Varnum Armory

It presides over a prominent downtown corner, but the armory and its historic collections are relatively unknown.

“What I always point out to kids when we give tours: Here’s the most powerful man in our country, and he signs his letters ‘Your Most Obedient Servant, G. Washington.’ “