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The Weekly Weigh-In: Dry January

Plus, RI gets new grant for new asthma center, a new way to reverse Alzheimers, SAD is real and more in health and wellness.

Everyone and their mother is jumping on the “dry January” trend (we can’t help but wonder: Will there come a day when drinking is totally not cool?), and you can too with the sage advice from these experts: Think, how to maneuver at a party where booze is being handed out like water or when your colleague invites you to…

Getting Fit at Fifty Plus

You don’t have to do a lot, but you do have to be consistent.

Fifty is one of those reflective life milestones where we take stock and make plans. But while you’re double-checking your 401 K for fiscal fitness, don’t forget your physical fitness. Why is fitness after the age of fifty so important? Beyond being able to continue doing the activities you enjoy, fitness is key to preventing falls and injuries, and minimizing…