Get a HydraFacial for a Face Treatment Experience

I tried it out myself and got a first-hand experience to see what Viriditas Beautiful Skin Therapies and HydraFacials were all about. The result? An angelic glow.

It’s the latest craze hitting the facial beauty scene and Instagram influencers stories everywhere: HydraFacial, a vortex fusion treatment that simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, infuses active ingredients in to your skin and painlessly extracts clogged pores, brings forth a beautiful facial glow.

Viriditas Beautiful Skin Therapies, a specialty skin care and acne clinic, offers HydraFacial treatments and individualized plans for clients with all different skin types. Laurie Neronha, owner and licensed esthetician of Viriditas and herbalist for many years, focuses her business on herbal and science-based treatments and offers coaching to many people in need of skin care help.

So, I got the inside scoop and tried it out myself –– a first-hand experience to see what Viriditas and HydraFacials were all about. The result? Smooth as a baby’s bum skin and an angelic glow that made my face shine. Plus, a look at the gunk extracted from my face that I didn’t even know was there.

How did you find yourself in this type of business?  

In 1996, I left my dead-end job in retail management. I told my husband that I wanted to do something that would allow me to use my knowledge of herbal medicine which I had already been immersed in for quite a while. Well, while we were on our honeymoon that year, I went in to a small used bookstore that had one shelf of new books. The Aromatherapy Book by Jean Rose caught my eye. Back then, there were not that many books on aromatherapy, and the ones that were, I had. In the book there was a chapter written by a guest author on essential oils and skin care. I thought ‘okay that sounds interesting, but she’s an esthetician. What’s that?’ By the start of the new year, I had enrolled in school full time and knew it’s what I wanted to do.


What is the meaning behind the name, Viriditas?

It is an old Latin word that means ‘the green flame’ or ‘the green truth.’ Hildegard of Bingen was a nun, a Mystic, an herbalist and a composer who wrote the very first herbal published by a woman. She visualized the life force in all things as Viriditas.


What type of training must your staff go through?

Staff that do treatments here are licensed estheticians. They also get additional training including oncology training and monthly sessions with required reading and watching. The other estheticians and I have additional training in working with people of color as well, because the darker the skin, the more likely it is to hyper-pigment or discolor. This is a huge deal and a big no.

I am truly a knowledge junkie, so before we do something here, I need to make sure we really understand it. I should also mention that to become an esthetician In Rhode Island, students must complete around 630 hours, though the hours vary by state. Up until recently, Massachusetts only had a requirement of about 350 hours and Connecticut has no requirement for a license at all. It is quite frightening because anyone can open a shop and claim that they are an esthetician without any proper training or previous experience. Plus, sanitary protocol is very important.


What types of services does Viriditas offer?

We specialize in custom facials and age management meaning that we look at each client’s skin to see what they need. So, it really varies for each person. We also focus on acne treatments for people with severe acne. The initial consultation is about an hour-and-a-half long followed by the first treatment. We go over what the person is doing, what they are eating, what products they are using and more. Then, we look at their skin, and although we are not doctors, we help them to make lifestyle and product changes that can positively influence their skin. I set each client up on a program and have them use our products as I know what each one does and how it affects the skin. On average, it takes about three months to clear and clients commit to coming in biweekly for a treatment. In that time, we cleanse the skin, do a light acne peel and perform extractions and disinfections.

Besides these two skin care programs, we offer HydraFacials, CBD infusions and more.


My skin is glowing after my HydraFacial treatment! What exactly is the Signature HydraFacial?

It is a vortex fusion treatment that simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and infuses active ingredients in to your skin, while painlessly extracting clogged pores. It plumps the skin, detoxifies and brings forth a beautiful glow. A HydraFacial does all of the things you can do in a regular facial, but it does it faster and more efficiently. The first step is to cleanse and use Active Four which serves to exfoliate the skin and soften impactions in the pores. The next step is a very low strength peel that helps to break up surface cells in order to be removed easier. The third step is vortex extraction, where we use a serum called Beta-HD which clears the pores and physically removes blackheads. Then, we do the red light on the skin which helps reduce inflammation, stimulate fibroblast cells, reduce redness and hydrate. The final step is Antiox Plus which normalizes the skin, firms and brightens it. It is truly great for people with any type of skin, we just tweak it based on what someone’s skin needs. Generally, the treatment takes about thirty to forty-five minutes.

We also offer boosters that can be added to the Signature HydraFacial, like connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) that is for mature skin. It stimulates, hydrates and addresses skin roughness, elasticity and fine lines.


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