Inside Saltitude, Lincoln’s Himalayan Salt Cave

Feel the effects of getting salty.

Photo by Alyssa Anderson.

In some form or another, many people are stressed from their daily life and need time to relax.

Saltitude Himalayan Salt Cave in Lincoln provides a variety of meditative experiences and services to transform you from a ball of stress into a calm, serene lotus flower. Their custom-built salt cave – which is comprised of over nine tons of real Himalayan pink salt – was designed specifically to calm those who enter. With several zero-gravity chairs (and a recliner), you can relax, sit back and look up at the ceiling which was created to mimic the stalactites of a cave, inlayed with beautiful fiber-optic lights that twinkle, making you feel as though you’re sitting under the night sky. Leave your phone behind, take a few deep breaths and feel the sweet effects of getting salty.

The floor, the walls and even the fireplace are all built from the pink salt. The room gives off a relaxing grapefruit-colored glow that makes those inside feel warm and comfortable. Once the meditation session begins, the cave’s microclimate system releases microscopic salt particles into the air, and sometimes, you can even faintly taste the salt on your lips.

The Himalayan pink salt is used as a supplementary holistic treatment for all sorts of ailments. But the relaxation doesn’t stop there.

In addition to quiet meditation sessions, Saltitude also offers a variety of events, such as jewelry making, painting, lotion and soap making, yoga sessions, drum circles and reiki, which is the practice of realigning the energy in the body through gentle motions and touches. Saltitude also offers private massages in partnership with Tranquil Touch Aesthetics Boutique. You can get a full sixty-minute massage of your choice while experiencing all the holistic health benefits the salt cave has to offer.

A visit to Saltitude is so much more than just a meditative experience. It resets your mind and your body. You leave feeling both calm and invigorated and it gives you a chance to clear your mind and center yourself, leaving your stress behind.


204 Front St., Lincoln, 359-7937,



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