Q-and-A with Sara Doherty of Sundance Massage and Wellness Center

This East Greenwich mainstay offers more than just massages.

We talked with Sara Doherty, certified massage therapist and owner of Sundance Massage and Wellness in East Greenwich, about the community studio, massage options and more. Plus, we even tried the new infrared sauna for a mini-detox session.


How did you get in to massage therapy?

I had no idea that I wanted to do this kind of work. I followed the college route by default and was working in the office scene when I realized it didn’t match my personality and wasn’t for me. Around the same time, when I was looking for something else to do, I had gotten a massage and felt amazing afterwards. I did some research and two-and-a-half weeks later, I was enrolled in school. My vision was always to have a wellness center and so, it’s exciting to have it come to fruition. Sundance has been open for sixteen-and-a-half years. We have thirteen therapists who work here, five massage rooms and we are open every day of the week, so, it gives the chance to work on a lot of different people.


What kind of massages are offered at Sundance?

We offer so many different kinds, but it is mostly deep tissue and Swedish. Within that, every therapist here has specific specialized training and their own flavor, style and personality that they put in to it. Swedish is more relaxation-based with a lighter touch that is full-body and engages your lymphatic system. Deep tissue is more concentrated, and the movements are firmer, however it doesn’t hurt! We really are a therapeutic place, so we don’t consider ourselves a spa, but rather a wellness center.


Besides massages, what else does Sundance offer?

We offer weekly meditation and yoga classes in our community studio. We’ve also had a slew of other offerings like community acupuncture, workshops, continuing education classes, art exhibits and more. It is a neutral space that is for the community and by the community and is accessible as a rental space for people to use.


What does the duo massage package entail?

People are loving the ‘Unwind and Dine’ campaign. You can come in, spend time with someone else or a small handful of people, get a massage and feel really good after. People like the idea of taking care of themselves and taking care of their relationships. After the massage they can go to one of fourteen participating restaurants on Main Street for food and drink deals. I love cross-promoting and supporting other businesses within the community.


What exactly is your infrared sauna and what does it do?

Many people have this idea that saunas are too stifling and claustrophobic. The infrared sauna is different in that it is a radiant heat like the sun, which heats you up from the core out rather than like a traditional sauna. It penetrates your skin for a deep detox; sweating pulls out toxins from your fatty tissues which are stored in your organs. It is also great for decreasing pain and inflammation, increasing circulation, cardiac output simulation, your skin and much more. We offer fifteen to sixty-minute sessions in the single person sauna.


Sundance Massage and Wellness, 410 Main St., East Greenwich, 398-0786, sundanceri.com.



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