Locally Made Skincare Products for all Skin Types

The products are designed to nourish and maintain the skin and are created from high quality flora, herbs, oils and clay and grains.

Herbalicious Skincare owner and formulator, Carolyn Balint, began creating her products when store-bought products were not helping her family’s allergies, eczema conditions and other chronic illnesses. After studying herbalism for nearly ten years, Balint launched Herbalicious in 2015 and now continues to grow her business with help of her friend Robin Plaziak.

The skincare products are designed to nourish and maintain all skin types and are created from high quality flora, herbs, oils and clay and grains. Plus, the line is organic and safe, and is free from synthetics, preservatives, fragrances and chemicals.

 Where did you learn how to use herbs in body products?

Some of it was self-taught but I have also taken several levels of courses in the past few years at the Herbal Academy of New England.


What are the two most sought-after products and what are their benefits?
The nourishing face oil took three years of trial and error and playing with formulations and ingredients to perfect. It is a daily face moisturizing oil that is not just a treatment serum – it can be used every day in the morning and at night. It is packed with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, soothing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial oils and so much more. Every oil that is in there has amazing properties. It is also excellent for working on hyper-pigmentation, lightening sun spots over time and more. Plus, you can use it under makeup or use it alone as a moisturizer if you prefer. It is truly a power house of oils.

The other popular item we sell is the wellness salve. It is an all-purpose, intense moisturizing salve that is a multi-purpose product. It works wonders if you are suffering from eczema, too. The oils in the salve are infused with nine different herbs and each of the herbs have skin healing, regenerating and soothing properties. The salve can be put on cuts and scrapes, rashes, bug bites and even sunburns.


Where do the herbs, flora and other ingredients come from?

We make every product from scratch ourselves using raw ingredients. If we are using an infused oil we start with the raw, dried herbs and then we infuse the oil. We order most of the ingredients online from an amazing company out in Oregon. We do so because they emphasize organic, sustainably sourced, wild-crafted, responsible products. So, we handcraft every single product in small batches right here in Narragansett.


Where can Herbalicious Skincare products be found?

Items can be bought online or at several stockists throughout the state including Greenline Apothecary in Wakefield and Providence, Van Eeghan’s Pharmacy in Cranston, Matt’s Local Pharmacy in Middletown, Simply Natural in Narragansett and Evolve Apothecary in Providence.