The Peyton Company Opens up Shop (Again!)

The beauty and body shop moved just next door from its old location, plus boutique spa services are now offered.

Owner Natalie Thompson recently moved her beauty and body shop, the Peyton Company, just next door from its old location on Child Street in Warren. Her once beachy-chic storefront now boasts palm leaf prints and Beverly Hills Hotel vibes, plus a treasure trove of local ingredient, fair trade certified, organic and sustainably made beauty products. She is also now offering facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures and other services in a private treatment room for a boutique spa experience.


You went from beachy-chic to palm leaf prints. What was your inspiration for the design change in the new store?

It was very much inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel. We wanted to use the exact banana leaf wallpaper they used, however, it was very expensive. Plus, that wallpaper, designed by Don Loper, has darker burgundy tones to it. I found something that would suit us better with lighter tones and brighter pinks and was about half the cost. We took a nod from them with the black and white tile floor, clean aesthetics and gold details, too. The new shop also has lots of plants that are not only pretty and contribute to the look of the shop, but they are also high oxygen producing plants that purify the air. There is truly a purpose for everything in our space. I would also say that there is a touch of luxe in the shop, but not in an intimidating, high-end kind of way. My goal is for people to walk in and feel beautiful, excited and happy to be here. It’s a 100 percent, judgement-free zone.


Your mantra is ‘you deserve good things.’ What does this mean to you and your shop?

It is the founding principle that I built my business on. People don’t need to choose between what works for them, what they can afford, what is healthy and safe and more. You deserve better products for you and your family and I truly understand the deep importance in providing products to help people have their best skin.


What is a new product that is offered and what does it do?

The beauty minerals dream cream has two different components to it that are popular in skincare and are naturally occurring compounds present in the human body. This cream helps to promote collagen production, tighten and firm the skin, give you a youthful glow, increases circulation which promotes cellular renewal and more. It is so soothing especially for people who have inflammation, eczema, rosacea and more. Proper protocol for this cream would be to cleanse and treat the skin then put this on top as a moisturizer.


Do you sell facial cleansers? What are some other favorite skincare products?

Depending on the skin type, we have two different options. The cream cleanser is great for dry, mature skin and the detox cleanser is great for pretty much every type of skin. It is the first step in helping to heal acne and we have had such profound feedback on it being gentle and not stripping the skin. We were raised in this culture to believe that if it burns, it is working, or that everything should be dried out, and that’s just the opposite of what we should be doing.

Some favorites include the vitamin c revival serum which is amazing. It helps fade sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne spots and more. The lash growth serum is also great. It is a simple three-ingredient formula that is safe for your eyelashes and increases keratin production. It can also be used on eyebrows that have been overplucked or overdone.


Besides the beauty products on the shelves what other services are you now offering?

We just opened our beauty factory, where our esthetician, Laura, does facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures and more. We have many different appointment times, a wide range of costs and more variety in our services in order to create a boutique spa experience. Our separate treatment room is built to have one client at a time for a more personal experience.


Do you have any plans to expand the Peyton Company or the Beauty Factory?

I have talked to some realtors about space in Newport. I know it is a seasonal business down there, however I think we would be a great fit for that area. It has the right clientele and is the right scene for my business. Plus, Newport is my happy place. Eventually, once that is settled, I would love to open up a shop on Newbury Street in Boston. We could have cute boutiques with a small treatment room just like this original one, and curate them so that they are similar but also tune them to the area in which they are located.


Appointments for the Beauty Factory services can be booked in advance, online.



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