CORE Fitness Studio to Open in Providence

Owner Denise Chakoian calls CORE Fitness a 'boutique fitness studio.'

Previously operated out of two locations, on Governor Street in Providence and East Avenue in Pawtucket, the studio provides an array of different fitness classes for all enthusiasts. The Rhode Island establishment celebrated its thirteenth birthday in April and ushered in a new era of CORE Fitness. After a battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year, Chakoian decided to fulfill her longtime goal of expanding her business. “Finding out I had cancer was a really life changing experience,” she says. “I just kind of decided to take a chance and go for it.”


A new 7,000 square foot CORE studio will open at 229 Waterman Street in Providence’s Wayland Square in June. The new location will offer cycling, Lagree, group fitness classes, Pilates and private training sessions all under one roof. It will also be home to the state’s first M3X Megaformer, a Pilates machine that combines both resistance training and cardio, created by Sebastian Lagree himself. Chakoian calls it a one-stop shop. “You can get Lagree which is amazing for the core, you can get cardio, you can get strength training, you can get personal training,” she explains. “And you have a place where the community can gather and sit and have coffee when they’re done with class.”


In the new space, each specialty will have its own room equipped with lighting designed by specialist Daryl Vaughan, who worked on several world tours with bands including Pink Floyd, Sting and the Rolling Stones and Kelly Taylor. Snag one of thirty custom bikes, featuring a computer screen, resistance knob and actual gears in the cycling theater for a rhythm riding class that mimics the outdoor experience. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), boot camp and barre classes get a facelift with Woodway treadmills and WaterRowers made right here in Rhode Island. The nonslip rubber floor is an added bonus for those who tend to sweat everything out in class, too.

The locker room in the new studio will be equipped with showers, a blow dry bar and Electric Mirror’s new Ava model, a mirror with lighting that changes for makeup-application. This bespoke service continues out in the studio’s lobby, where patrons are encouraged to grab a post-class beverage from a coffee bar stocked with kombucha and coldbrew from Downeast Coffee Roasters. But state-of-the-art equipment isn’t all that CORE has to offer.


Chakoian recognizes that working out can be an escape for a lot of people, from stay-at-home moms to working professionals. “I feel like the goal is to have everyone be healthy and happy,” she says. “When you’re in a group fitness class, there are often so many students in the class, it can be difficult for instructors to pay close attention to everyone to make sure they have the right form. Our approach is to treat these group classes like personal training classes and give each student the individual attention they need to avoid injury.” With the addition of all new equipment and several new classes, Chakoian’s goal remains the same: to serve the Rhode Island community by providing an unparalleled exercise experience. “I wanted to refresh and rebrand as a new chapter and evolution in fitness for CORE.”



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