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Narragansett Beer Gives an Update on Providence Brewery Opening and Anniversary

Narragansett Beer CEO Mark Hellendrung has owned the iconic Rhode Island beer brand for fifteen years, and it will soon mark its 130th anniversary with the opening of the Providence brewery.

An interior shot of Narragansett Beer’s Providence brewery, located near the India Point Park waterfront. The opening of Narragansett Beer’s 18,000-square-foot Providence brewery is on track for a Labor Day weekend patio launch near India Point Park’s waterfront. Yesterday, ‘Gansett Beer CEO Mark Hellendrung took some time out from the construction project to update me on its progress, talk about…

Narragansett Wants to Buy the Whole State a Beer

Hi Neighbor! Have a Gansett. As long as you are twenty-one or older, it's free.

Moving alphabetically from town to town (don’t worry, we’re only at Coventry, there’s still quite a bit left to go), Narragansett is partnering with pubs, bars and taverns all across the state to make sure that every Rhode Islander over the legal drinking age has a beer.

Join Narragansett Beer for the Annual Made on Honor Market

With unique items and plenty of bites and brews around every corner, you won’t want to forget your wallet at home.

Just want to drink some beer and listen to live music? Narragansett’s got you covered for the beer (duh!) and Providence-based folk band, Dan Blakeslee and the Calabash Club, will provide the live entertainment. All you have to do is kick back and relax.