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The Power of Plants at Farmacy Herbs

A community health and herbal education center is tucked away among the flowers in a quiet corner of Providence.

We talked with Anna Fox, manager of Farmacy Herbs, about the education and knowledge in which people can learn how to integrate herbs into their day-to-day lifestyle. For these herbalists, it is all about taking herbs back to their roots and using the power of plants for holistic and whole-body purposes.

Top Dentist: A Late Bloomer

This dentist came to the profession mid-career and never looked back.

Lisa Hilpl flew down the slopes, packed snow whirling beneath her skis and crisp winter air rushing past. It was everything skiing should be: exhilarating, fun and a refreshing break from work. But then the worst happened: At forty-five miles an hour, she collided face-first with a tree.

Q-and-A with Green Line Apothecary

Pharmacist Christina Procaccianti brings her Wakefield pharmacy back to its roots with top-notch health care and a soda fountain.

She believes that medicine is personal and that people should be able to visit her shop and feel good when they leave. Plus, there is no better way to wait for a prescription than sipping on a root beer float.

Top Dentist: A Late Bloomer

This dentist came to the profession mid-career and never looked back.

After four years of dental school and another two spent specializing in endodontics, her dream of becoming a dentist became a reality. Now she’s one of the leading endodontists in Rhode Island, has a happy family life and is a role model for others.

Eat This for Dinner: Grilled Whole Chicken and In-Season Veggies

Heat it up, rub it down, grill, baby, grill then eat your heart out. It's that easy.

I have experienced my first summer dilemma of the year – what to eat for dinner when the heat and humidity have rolled on in. I craved something quick, easy and delicious for dinner, but I’d rather have starved than crank up that oven. (Thinkin’ I’ll feel the same way on Sunday. Ninety-four degrees – yikes!)