Sons of Liberty Spirits Company and Java Skincare Teaming Up to Create Hand Sanitizer

Two local companies have come together to produce and distribute much-needed hand sanitizer to the public on Monday.

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Having trouble getting your hands on some hand sanitizer? Two local companies are lending a hand and working together to produce and distribute hand sanitizer to the public. Sons of Liberty Spirits Company and Java Skincare will hand out 2,000 fifty-milliliter bottles on Monday from noon to 6 p.m. at Peace Dale Elementary School. The bottles are free but donations will be accepted.

Pick-up will be a drive-through operation at Peace Dale Elementary School at 109 Kersey Road in Wakefield. It will be set up so you can pull into the school parking lot, stay in your car, grab a bag of bottled sanitizers and then exit. Due to the demand, they are limiting pickups to two bottles per person. There will be no alcohol retail sales on Monday. This is strictly a drive-through operation for hand sanitizers.

The local distillery is following the lead of other distilleries across the nation that are coming through for the greater good and a public need. “People need it, we can make it, so it’s not even a question,” says Bryan Ricard, SOL’s marketing director. “We’re following a formula recommended by the World Health Organization which is just ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerol and purified water. We definitely have plenty of the first ingredient, so we’re going to help as much as we can.”

Partner in the solution, Rhode Island-based Java Skincare is known for its green coffee-infused body products. The company has the experience to help produce the hand sanitizer as well as connections for packaging. The two companies gathered the supplies as soon as possible to create the product. Initially, Java shared a video on how to make sanitizer at home using household items, but now that they have the ability to produce it on a larger scale with Sons of Liberty, they are thrilled to help out. “We jumped at the opportunity to help and to share our packaging connections,” says Java’s Director of Innovation, Emily O’Donnell.

Many businesses in Rhode Island are eager to help in the face of the COVID-19 national crisis. Thankfully, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) waived provisions to allow distilleries to produce ethanol-based sanitizers. “In times like this, you definitely don’t want to be stopped by red tape and be prevented from trying to help,” says Mike Reppucci, founder and president of Sons of Liberty. “We love our community and will do our absolute best to fulfill this need.”

Sons of Liberty hopes to help more businesses in need by producing larger batches of sanitizer. “We’ve been receiving calls and emails non-stop. There are so many businesses currently in operation that need a hand sanitizer to keep their staff and customers safe,” says Ricard. Sons of Liberty is planning to donate as much as possible to the community, but to keep the operation running to produce larger amounts, it’s necessary to charge minimal pricing to businesses to cover some costs.

Rhode Island businesses can request sanitizer with this form.



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