Q-and-A with Fitness Fanatic Britt Page

FanClub Fitness was designed with busy parents in mind.

We sat down with Britt Page, co-founder of FanClub Fitness, to learn more about her business for busy parents.


What is FanClub Fitness and what inspired you to start this company?

It’s a new Rhode Island-based business where we enable parents and other caregivers to pursue their own fitness goals during time that they normally spend during youth sports practices with their kids. I am the parent of two very sporty boys, and like most parents, I’m really busy. I always loved to exercise and I was finding it increasingly difficult as they got older to actually squeeze it in. I was spending time – I might otherwise have spent at the gym – bringing them to their sports practices, games and other activities. I started finding that a little bit frustrating. One night when I was sitting around at my sons’ soccer practice, I was looking around at all the parents scrolling on their phones and chatting, there were even a couple parents doing some half-hearted laps around the field but not getting a real workout, and I thought, ‘Why can’t we do both?’ I’m a chronic-multitasker so the idea appealed to me. Wouldn’t it be great if we could organize something where parents could actually get some sort of structured workout in during that time that they’re there? They’ve already set aside the time, they’re already in this exercise friendly environment and there’s really nothing else to do, so why not work out?


How did you meet your co-founder Kirsten Heikaus-Weaver?

We have been very close friends since middle school. She lives in California and she is a mom to five kids. I called her up and we talked it over and decided that we were going to go ahead and form the business. She’s a lawyer by trade and was eager to dig into a new business.


What leagues do you coordinate with?

So far in Rhode Island, we have been coordinating with leagues including GPS Soccer, Greater Providence Youth Hockey Association, NEFC Soccer, Fox Point East Side Little League and a variety of sports clubs.


What types of exercises are offered?

The workouts can really vary depending on the interest of the group. Fitness levels vary and some people might be interested in cardio and some people might be interested in Pilates. We select trainers who are very adaptable in their approach and can really tailor a workout to the interest of the parents.


What are your goals for branching out the company?

We have been piloting the workouts in Rhode Island and also out in California, which we began in the fall. Now we’re really ready to start offering more classes to a wider base of people, while expanding throughout Rhode Island and different parts of California. Our goal is to develop a platform that will enable us to scale nationally.


What inspired you to get into fitness?

I’m someone who has always really enjoyed fitness and I used to play sports growing up. Working out grounds me. It’s something I’m interested in and I think a lot of parents are, too. It just falls by the wayside for them and this is such an easy opportunity for them to work fitness back into their schedules and I felt inspired to share that.


Where did you find the time to start a business?

You can sneak time into all sorts of places in your schedule if you’re motivated and excited about an idea. My kids are in school full time during the days now and I do my work then.


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