Q-and-A with Modern Acupuncture in Cranston

Relieve your aches and pains with the age-old healing touch of acupuncture.

Relieve your aches and pains with the age-old healing touch of acupuncture. We talked with acupuncturist, Defeng Zheng, also called Justin by his colleagues and patients at Modern Acupuncture in Garden City Center in Cranston. The relaxing and soothing environment is lit by dimmed lights, enchanting music plays throughout the space and each reclining chair is separated by curtains to give each patient privacy.


What is acupuncture?

It is the belief that there are meridians throughout the body that connect to organs and skin. These meridians channel chi, or essential energy, and when blockage of the chi occurs, we experience pain. The acupuncture needles are placed to unblock the chi and help the chi flow properly. For example, acupuncture is like finding bus stops along a road– the road is the meridian throughout the body and cars represent the chi flow. Roads have specific and stationary bus stops and these are the places where cars get held up, or in this case, the chi becomes blocked. These bus stops are where the acupuncture needles go to unblock the chi and release pain or stress.


What do acupuncture needles feel like?

Acupuncture instruments are small, hair-thin, no-pain needles that leave a little tingle as they meet your skin. Most people describe the feeling as a small spark or a slight sensation.


What are the side effects?

Most potential side effects of acupuncture are preventable. Modern Acupuncture uses single use and disposable needles to combat any transfer of skin or blood diseases. Facial acupuncture may leave some bruising, but that is normal due to the tiny blood vessels in the skin. In more extreme cases, people with high anxiety or blood pressure may experience fainting, but acupuncturists are trained to help in these situations and will stop the treatment upon noticing the signs or being informed by the patient.


What specific purposes is acupuncture used for?

Acupuncture is used for relieving a variety of pain and can also be used for cosmetic purposes. It can also help with headaches, constipation, mental pains and more. The most common uses of acupuncture for cosmetic changes are muscle imbalance and wrinkles. For muscle imbalances, patients usually want to achieve symmetry in their face. Acupuncture can help create symmetry by tightening muscles. As for wrinkles, acupuncture creates more color gains on affected areas and prevents the wrinkles from becoming deeper.


How often should someone undergo treatment?

Treatment is specific to the patient. We recommend twice a week for mild cases and once the pain subsides and you want to maintain prevention, we recommend once or twice per month.


Do you use acupuncture on yourself?

When learning in China, I had to needle myself to practice and I believe this helped me to become more skillful with acupuncture. To this day, I still lies down and needle myself to cure pains.


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