Jamie Coelho

Vic’s Craft Ice Cream Opens in Barrington

Victoria Young's shop is just a hop, skip and a jump from the East Bay Bike Path.

The ice cream menu included flavors like vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, cherry pop rocks, strawberry swirl, dark chocolate truffle, white chocolate lavender, blueberry sorbet and rainbow sherbet.

Graze Burgers Serves Humanely Raised Beef That’s Close to Home

A beautiful Stonington, Connecticut, farm supplies 100 percent grass-fed, hormone-free beef for this Westerly burger restaurant.

“As you go to places where people have more education and affluence, people want to have a better understanding of what they are eating. They prefer 100 percent grass-fed beef because they want to know what the animal ate, not antibiotic-filled grain,” Welch says. “We’re giving people beef that eats grass that grows here.”