Jamie Coelho

Snapchilled Artisan Coffee in a Can is a Thing

Elemental Beverage Co., out of nearby Watertown, Massachusetts, has mastered new technology that rapidly cools liquids to preserve flavors.

You’ve heard of beer in a can. And wine in a can. But now there’s coffee in a can, so that you can crack open an expertly brewed iced coffee and enjoy it without having to do any of the work yourself.

Chef Marty Lyons is Beating Alcohol Addiction with Bicycling

A year and a half ago, the chef at Ten Prime Steak and Sushi decided to stop drinking and start riding, and he's proud of his mental and physical transformation.

Marty Lyons will be celebrating one year at Ten Prime in the fall while bringing small, positive changes to the menu, and he’s also honoring a personal change he made a year and a half ago: to quit drinking.