Soul-Satisfying Soups from Local Restaurants

There’s something amazing about how soup makes us suffer a little less. Here are some of the best bowls around.



Our pick: Wes’ Rib House, 38 Dike St., Providence, 401-421-9090,

Why: It’s slow-cooked with chunks of beef, topped with onions and cheese, and you can order it by the cup, bowl, half-pint, pint and quart. If only it came by the gallon.


Our pick: Blount Clam Shack and Market, 406 Water St., Warren, 401-245-1800,

Why: You can always count on a consistent cup of good chowder, whether it’s New England-style, red clam-style, or – our favorite – clambake-style with clams, potatoes, chorizo and corn in a clear broth. But if you’re dunkin’ clam cakes, be sure to go for the trademark creamy white version.

Hot and Sour

Our pick: Hon’s, 790 Reservoir Ave., Cranston, 401-226-0203,

Why: You can’t go wrong with any piping hot potage here, but we like this style for its mildly spicy broth with pineapple chunks, bean sprouts, basil and your choice of chicken, shrimp, fish or tofu.


Our pick: Venus de Milo, 75 Grand Army Highway, Swansea, Mass., 508-678-3901, (takeout only)

Why: Try as you might to recreate it using one of the many recipes available on the Internet, it’s never the same as the hot bowl of ground beef, orzo, vegetables and tomatoes served right at the table at your cousin’s wedding (or your cousin’s kid’s wedding).


Our pick: Sunrise, 823 West Main Rd., Middletown, 401-848-4545,

Why: You can get your pho customized any way you like it. We prefer ours with rice noodles, Thai basil, lime, bean sprouts and as many different parts of a cow as possible.

Portuguese Kale

Our pick: O Dinis, 579 Warren Ave., East Providence, 401-438-3769

Why: It contains everything it should have in it: healthy kale, salty chourico, cabbage, beef and more. And because when we asked how big the bowl is, the answer was “Portuguese.”


Our pick: Boru Noodle Bar, 36 Broadway, Newport, 401 -846-4200,

Why: Rameneophiles (yes, we invented a word) flock to this Newport eatery for piping hot bowls of house, spicy miso and — our fave — sesame chicken ramen. Don’t sleep on the Tokyo tater tots with soy mayo and crispy Brussels sprouts appetizers.

Shabu shabu

Our pick: Ebisu, 38 Pontiac Ave., Providence, 401-270-7500,

Why: Cook your own soup using the plug-in hot pot servers bring to your table. You decide the meat and seafood combination, and you can add as many noodles or as much rice as you like with garlic, hot peppers, chives and two sauces. The result is under your control.


Our pick: Garden Grille, 727 East Ave. #7, Pawtucket, 401-726-2826,

Why: We like the soups of the day here for the many veg-friendly combinations they cook up. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to coconut curry red lentil, Mexican quinoa and sweet potato and black eyed pea.


Editor’s note: This story was updated from a previous version.