Grace Kelly

Kimberly Arcand is the Star Whisperer

The Rhody resident is the visualization lead for the NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

“I wanted to be an astronaut even though that would never work for me. I can’t even go on a simple amusement park ride, so no.”

Never Fear, Superfoods are Here

Before you head to the market, it’s good to know just why these so-called superfoods are so, well, super.

Thinkstock It is said that your fridge should be stocked with big bunches of kale and bags of sweet potatoes, while your pantry should be laden with boxes of quinoa and chia seeds. But before you grab your canvas bags and head to the market, it’s good to know just why these so-called superfoods are so, well, super. We consulted…

StyleWeek Season 14: Texture, pattern and cut on day three.

Gypset Girl, Clothes Horse Clothing, Born Again Vintage and Peach Carr debut ready-to-wear lines.

Day three was a mixed medley of looks, running the gamut from clean-cut work appropro attire to feather puffs to fringe festooned Americana grunge. Starting the evening was the subdued Gypset Girl, who, even with her undulating feather puff accents and sparkling athliesure tops, kept it simple. Jewel tones mixed with matte black made for the street fashion. Photo Credit:…

The Weekly Weigh-In: A Tax on Violent Video Games

Plus, wine might help prevent tooth decay, anxiety and self-discovery, the deadly side of cleaning products, and more in health and wellness.

Thinkstock State rep Robert Nardolillo is introducing legislation that would tax violent video games and use the money to pay for mental health counseling in schools. Lovers of vino, rejoice: Scientists are now saying that polyphenols found in wine extract could help fight tooth decay. This article on the author’s anxiety explores the condition in a beautifully visceral way. He…

The Weekly Weigh-In: Local Communities Join Effort to Create National Opioid Lawsuit

Plus, letting go of the past, holding hands might reduce pain, the next big cafe trend and more in health and wellness.

Fourteen Rhode Island communities are teaming up with a national effort to bring a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers and distributors. While pharmaceutical companies have denied any wrong-doing, the epidemic has hit close to home with 208 overdose death’s in the state between January and August of 2017. The towns currently involved with the lawsuit are Barrington, Bristol, Burrillville, Central Falls, Coventry,…