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19 Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve in Rhode Island

We’ve rounded up some local ways to ring in 2019, including family-friendly events, upscale soirees and fancy dinners.

What are you doin’ for New Year’s Eve? Don’t fret over your lack of plans for the holiday because we’ve rounded up some local ways to ring in 2018 and celebrate whichever way you like.

Ruby Girl is Home

The K-9 captured our hearts and a Rhode Islander of the Year award.

Trooper Daniel O’Neil and Ruby pose for our “Rhode Islanders of the Year” cover story. (Photo by Alex Gagne) There’s a reason why people jump into action on social media when a dog goes missing. Most of us know what it feels like to lose our best friend and fear she’ll never come back. And Ruby — well, she was…

An Interview with Viola Davis

Rhode Island native and Hollywood leading lady, Viola Davis, talks poverty, #MeToo and finding her authenticity in this exclusive Q and A.

“We are put on this earth to connect. And it’s through connection that you find a sense of belonging.”

Learn about Modern Farming at RI PBS Community Conversations Panel

Host Mario Hilario will moderate a discussion with panelists as they and the live studio audience explore options and the creative responses from farmers, advocates and community leaders.

There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to preserving farmland, making it more accessible to new farmers and getting more people to purchase local products.