5 Places to Get Cider Doughnuts in Rhode Island

Everyone's favorite fall treat is available around the state.

Apple cider is the lifeblood of autumn; it’s the distilled essence of falling leaves and temperatures. How could you improve such a delicious concoction? By transforming it into a doughnut, of course. Cider doughnuts are a fall staple all around New England, but Rhode Island has some of the best. From bakeries to orchards, these heavenly pastries are available throughout the state.

Appleland Orchard

With a name like Appleland, it should be no surprise that this orchard carries just about every apple product known to mankind: apple pies, apple turnovers, apple dumplings — the list goes on. But the cherry on the (apple) cake has got to be their cider doughnut. Fried in house with their own apple cider and liberally coated in cinnamon sugar, these doughnuts about as good as it gets.

Details: 135 Smith Ave., Greenville, 401-949-3690, facebook.com/appleland-orchard.


Hard-Pressed Cider Company

Before they started making doughnuts, the folks at Hard-Pressed Cider Company in Jamestown spent years pressing cider at orchards around the state, learning the ins and outs of the craft. With that expertise in hand, they began making their now famous cider doughnuts. Fresh, sweet and filled with bits of minced apples, you won’t want to miss their delicious creations. Their doughnuts subtly change flavor as the season progresses and the apples grow sweeter, which is a great excuse to drop by for another visit.

Details: Windmist Farm, 71 Weeden Ln., Jamestown, 401-595-4828, hardpressedcidercompany.com.


Jaswell’s Farm

To make truly great cider doughnuts, you need to know apples. And Jaswell’s Farm, which has been in the orchard business for more than one hundred years, definitely knows their apples. Grab one of their fresh cider doughnuts, and while you’re there, pick your own apples, try some freshly baked apple crisp or choose from a variety of candied and caramel apples.

Details: 50 Swan Rd., Smithfield, 401-231-9043, jaswellsfarm.com.


Pippin Apple Orchard

You may not want to see how the sausage gets made, but the same doesn’t hold true for cider doughnuts. At Pippin Orchard you can take a peek at their “Doughnut Robot” which helps churn out these delicious pastries. Watch as uncooked doughnuts are shaped, plopped into boiling oil, gently removed and prepared for eating. Automation never tasted so good. If you’re not in the mood for doughnuts, try one their freshly made apple pies.

Details: 751 Pippin Orchard Rd., Cranston, 401-943-7096, pippinorchard.com.



Passionfruit, cinnamon roll, brown butter pecan — those are just a few of the innovative types of doughnuts available at KNEAD. With such flavorful competition, it seems like the humble cider doughnut wouldn’t stand a chance. But it does. Made with fresh, local apple cider, it’s cooked to perfection and then rolled in sugar and cinnamon. If you’re going to visit for their cider doughnuts, make sure to take one of their more experimental flavors home with you for later.

Details: 32 Custom House St.; 135 Elmgrove Ave.,; 55 Cromwell St., Providence, 401-865-6622, kneaddoughnuts.com.




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