Restaurant Reviews

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is known for its picturesque Victorian perch, knockout ocean views and gorgeous grounds. The question is, can the food compete?

The Back Eddy

The superstar Boston chef is gone, but an upscale Westport seafood shack still lures locals with fresh fish and killer sunsets.

El Paisa

Bring on the blood sausage. El Paisa, Central Falls’ temple 
to Colombian cuisine, boasts a menu that will excite even 
the most adventurous carnivore.

Cork Wine and Tapas Bar

Inventive small plates paired with a surprisingly cheap wine list make Cork (and New Bedford — who knew?) a must-try dining destination.

Tucker's Bistro

With a new chef behind the line, Tucker’s French-inspired menu finally measures up to the bistro’s often-raved-about ambience.


With an Asian-inspired menu, a tricked out space 
and the trendiest following this side of Westminster, Ama’s is quietly creating a cult-like stir.

El Rancho Grande

Authentic is the aim at El Rancho Grande — a family run find that’s helping real Mexican go mainstream.

The Grange

Even hardcore carnivores will find something to love at this new vegetarian eatery where the dishes are inventive and the flavors are intense.

The Dorrance

At the Dorrance, the farm-to-table dishes are meticulous and the surroundings are spectacular. The challenge is ensuring that one doesn’t overwhelm the other.

Los Andes

Unpretentious surroundings, an adventurous South American menu and an accommodating chef entice diners into new culinary territory.

Muse by Jonathan Cartwright

At Muse, the chef’s tasting menu combines rich, classic cuisine with a fresh, American approach.
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