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Lifelong Rhode Island Resident Creates Handi-Capable Mittens

Marita Loffredo, is an inspiring and happy soul who lives each day of her life to the fullest. To help others with the same medical conditions as herself, she created easy on and off mittens that provide comfort and warmth for the long winter months ahead.  

The best things about the Phalang-EASE Mittens are that whether you have good hands or bad hands, they are all inclusive, so anybody can wear them.

16 Great Playgrounds in Rhode Island

Create your own park tour and hit up several of these sweet spots for kids in one day.

My kids and I are into discovering new playgrounds. We’ve hit up different towns surrounding where we live and traveled far to test out slides, sandboxes and merry-go-rounds. Here’s a round-up for families looking to spend an hour or two having fun at public playgrounds while enjoying the cool fall air. Plus explore nearby places where you can grab a kid-friendly lunch or dinner.