CORE Fitness Studio to Raise Funds for Lifespan Affiliated Hospitals

Proceeds from the virtual fitness class will help purchase tablets to be used by ICU patients.


CORE Fitness Studio is holding a virtual fitness class on April 19 at 9 a.m. to benefit Lifespan and its affiliate hospitals. The class will raise funds to help Lifespan acquire tablets for ICU and end-of-life patients to communicate with family and loved ones during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
“We have an urgent need for the portable technology that tablets and iPads offer so that our patients can visually connect with their loved ones,” says Theresa Jenner, director of clinical social work and discharge planning for Lifespan. “This is particularly important for our critically ill patients and their families, who simply want to be able to see each other, offer a prayer and in some cases, to say goodbye.”

CORE will teach its forty-five-minute total body workout class through Zoom video. Three instructors including Carli Kabilyo, Kelly Ryan and CORE founder and owner, Denise Chakoian, will teach the class. In addition to benefiting patients, the tablets will also be available to healthcare workers, enabling those on the front line a better opportunity connect with family and friends. “Our dedicated teams who are caring for patients around-the-clock also need our support during this challenging time,” Jenner says. “And one of the most important things we can do to support staff is
encouraging them to take a moment and connect with a familiar face.”

Participants can register online or donate to Lifespan here.