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The Dish: Bootblack Brand Syrups Make Mixing Cocktails Easy

The complex simple syrups, which include flavors ginger cardamom lime and cranberry jalapeño, can be mixed with spirits and soda to create drinks with delicious flavor profiles.

Like many great businesses, the idea for Bootblack Brand small batch cocktail and soda syrups was born on a bar stool with good friends. Founder Paul Kubisky sipped cocktails at various bars and realized how hard it is for everyday people to mix up great cocktails at home. His brand of complex simple syrups, which includes flavors ginger cardamom lime…

Rhody Classics: A Day in the Life of Beau Vestal

The renowned chef balances family and restaurant life at New Rivers.

Chef Beau Vestal of New Rivers. Photography by Angel Tucker.It’s not easy to keep a restaurant open for ten years, never mind twenty-seven. New Rivers is one of those places that endure while always staying relevant. It had big shoes to fill when it took over the space from Al Forno in 1990 under owners Bruce and Pat Tillinghast, who…

Rhody Classics: Clams Casino

Learn about the Rhode Island-born dish. Plus, a recipe from Matunuck Oyster Bar.

Photography by Angel Tucker.CLASSIC RHODY DISH: Clams Casino Digging up the dish’s history with a recipe from Matunuck Oyster Bar. The origins of clams casino are debatable, but theory suggests that the dish was first introduced at the Narragansett Pier Casino. According to Kate Vivian, coordinator at the Towers, then-chef Julius Keller cited in his 1939 memoir, Inns and Outs,…

Beer Lover’s Guide: Tilted Barn Brewery

A tree farm-turned-brewery sources hops and maple syrup onsite.

A bumpy dirt road framed by deep woods and a distant field of untrimmed Christmas trees leads to Tilted Barn Brewery in Exeter. Construction equipment surrounds a deep trench that will become a new irrigation pond to quench the thirst of spruces and firs, and a half-acre of hops that, come spring, will twirl themselves up sixteen-foot trellises towering nearby….

Beer Lover’s Guide: Brew Bus Tours

Stouts, porters and pretzels aboard the RI Brew Bus.

It’s pouring. I park on the far side of Wilcox Park in Westerly and make a mad dash for the Malted Barley, cursing both my decision to wear heels and to park what feels like miles away. “Look for the brew bus,” I think frantically as I huddle under a doorway outside the Malted Barley. Inside looks so cozy and…

Beer Lover’s Guide: Newport Storm Brewery

The brewery's co-founder reflects on nearly two decades in the business.

What was the local beer scene when you launched Newport Storm in 1999? There wasn’t really any local beer scene at the bars, restaurants and stores we were trying to sell at. We saw lots of menus that advertised Sam Adams as the local beer. Most retailers were unsure about selling beer from a brewery that wasn’t already established. We…

Beer Lover’s Guide: Craft Beer Bars

Local bars pour regional and faraway favorites.

The Wild Colonial This Providence pub’s name turns a derogatory Irish term into something to be celebrated. The historic tavern’s eighteen draft lines fill glasses with an ever-rotating list of classic brews — can you say Guinness? — and the latest trends in craft beer, ranging from selections from Maine Beer Company, AleSmith and Wicked Weed to Sean Larkin’s Dry…

Beer Lover’s Guide: Proclamation Ale

We got the scoop on the brewery's past, present and future expansion.

Founder and owner Dave Witham discusses the brewery’s past, present and future expansion. How did you first get into craft beer? I am in my early-forties and my first memories of drinking when I was of legal age were of Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada and the old school guys that are still around. My brother-in-law got a home brew kit…

Valentine's Day Desserts

The executive pastry chef of Gracie's shares recipes starring our favorite ingredient: chocolate.

You could, of course, bestow your sweetie with a box of candy or a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, but why not whip up something personal, something you both (ahem) can enjoy. We asked Melissa Denmark, executive pastry chef at Gracie’s in Providence, to share her dessert recipes using chocolate, her favorite ingredient (and ours too, for that matter). “I…