Jamie Coelho

Visit HG80 Pet-Friendly Taco Truck

HG80 is celebrating its one-year anniversary of launching the fusion taco food truck that has a pet-loving theme.

Berner has turned everything from chicken Parmesan, hamburgers, Greek gyros and Reuben sandwiches into tacos by subbing soft corn tortillas in place of bread and buns.

A Thanksgiving Feast Put on by Gordon School Kindergartners

The four and five year olds prepared a locally-harvested holiday meal for faculty and staff while learning about about the Hope's Harvest gleaning project.

The four and five year olds at the Gordon School in East Providence had a lot to be thankful for as they learned what it takes to put together a “Giving of Thanks” feast to share with the Gordon School community last week.

Get a Sneak Peek Inside Dolores Mexican Restaurant

It may have taken three years, but the East Side of Providence will soon have a contemporary, full-service Mexican restaurant from the same owners of El Rancho Grande.

Now that ingredients like maize, Mexican peppers, herbs and seeds are more accessible from Mexico into the United States, chef Maria Meza’s cooking can more closely resemble what the family grew up eating in the southern Puebla and Oaxacan regions, where they are from.