Jamie Coelho

Narragansett Beer Gives an Update on Providence Brewery Opening and Anniversary

Narragansett Beer CEO Mark Hellendrung has owned the iconic Rhode Island beer brand for fifteen years, and it will soon mark its 130th anniversary with the opening of the Providence brewery.

An interior shot of Narragansett Beer’s Providence brewery, located near the India Point Park waterfront. The opening of Narragansett Beer’s 18,000-square-foot Providence brewery is on track for a Labor Day weekend patio launch near India Point Park’s waterfront. Yesterday, ‘Gansett Beer CEO Mark Hellendrung took some time out from the construction project to update me on its progress, talk about…

Blackbird Farm Treats Cows and Pigs Like Family Before They Feed Yours

The Smithfield family farm humanely raises antibiotic-free, pasture-fed, 100 percent Black Angus cattle and American Heritage Berkshire pigs.

“Can you imagine, there would have been thirteen houses on this piece of property?” Ann Marie says, pointing at a field that’s as lush as Vermont’s green mountains. Instead of another housing development, her cows graze there peacefully.