Grey Sail Brewing Launches South County Distillers

Production for the gin and vodka was delayed due to producing sanitizer to aid in the COVID-19 crisis, but now the distillery is ready to serve spirits.

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South County Distillers, the sister company of Grey Sail Brewery in Westerly, has just launched its first batch of spirits. Production was originally scheduled for this past winter, however, due to Covid-19, priorities shifted. During the height of the pandemic in March, April and early May, the distillery changed over its production to making hand sanitizer for frontline workers. Now that Rhode Island is slowly progressing with its reopening phase, the production is back on track to release vodka and gin to be distributed to liquor stores in Rhode Island. The spirits are also available for purchase at Grey Sail’s Brewery, and available for tasting in the craft cocktails served at the Grey Sail Beer Garden. 

South County Distillers Vodka is made from a blend of rye and wheat, creating a smooth spirit that is dry and crisp with subtle spice notes. South County Gin begins with grains as a foundation that is then infused with a secret blend of botanicals that produce floral, spice and citrus notes with a juniper backbone. 

“I distilled dozens of gin recipes before landing on our final version,” says head distiller Ryan Gwozdz. And there are many more exciting cocktails to come in the future. So far, canned cocktails and rum are on deck for next month, just before Labor Day, and the distillery just started aging bourbon and rye whiskey in charred oak barrels, which will be available over the next few years. 

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“We are extremely excited to share our first batch of spirits, a true labor of love,” says Jennifer Brinton, co-owner of South County Distillers and Grey Sail Brewing. “South County Distillers is unique in that we produce everything on site starting with the mashing of the grains, fermentation, distilling and to your glass.”

South County Distillers vodka and gin are available for pickup or order ahead at Grey Sail Brewery in Westerly and in select liquor and package stores throughout Rhode Island. The Beer Garden at Grey Sail Brewing offers South County Distillers craft cocktails such as a gin and tonic with Captain’s Daughter simple syrup or vodka lemonade with raspberry simple syrup.

Additionally, South County spirits will be served in restaurants and bars throughout Rhode Island.

Thumbnail Ryan Gwozdz Head Distiller

Ryan Gwozdz at the distillery.



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