Roam Loud Athleisure and Activewear Promotes Unapologetic Self Love

The comfortable, high-quality athletic wear company encourages customers to feel free and empowered.
Mofliks Photography

Wanderer in Chief, Toyin Omisore (center). Photo by Mofliks Photography.

On the southside of the Creative Capital, thirty-four year old Toyin Omisore created an athletic and athleisure wear company called Roam Loud.

Omisore launched her business in March of last year, and since then has been receiving endless support from all over the nation. “[Supporters] were from specific areas of the country because we had developed in-person connections through pop-up shops in Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, DC, and Boston,” says Omisore. “Our first major publication feature with HuffPost was what took the brand recognition from select states to nationwide recognition.”

Omisore found it fitting, as the owner of Roam Loud, to dub herself the “Wanderer in Chief.” Roam Loud is more than just an activewear brand, and her title reminds her of the company’s true philosophy.

“Roam Loud is a call to action and a public service announcement to move through the world on our own terms… Each day provides me moments of opportunity to do something outside my comfort zone, create and build a life that brings me happiness, and unlearn old behaviors and thoughts,” says Omisore.

When customers, formally known as “Wanderers,” step into Roam Loud’s clothing, they’re bound to feel free, encouraged, empowered, and most of all, represented. “While Roam Loud is for all women, Black women are often left out of authentic, non-trauma-related conversations and storytelling,” Omisore says, believing that Wanderers are fully seen and celebrated while sporting the brand.

Mofliks Photography

Roam Loud Wanderers. Photo by Mofliks Photography.

Sharing the brand and her story with other supporting Black and women business owners definitely helped shine a light on Roam Loud. The Wanderers, however, are the true backbone of the company. It brings joy to Omisore when she sees them guiding others towards a path of health and wellness while wearing the clothing, and their messages of approval and support give her strength.

“The moments where I am doubtful or unsure about something business related are when I receive an email from a Wanderer sharing how they love the brand, everything I am doing, and to keep going,” Omisore says. “[Their] messages always come at the perfect moment and provide the exact amount of encouragement to push ahead.”

Omisore knows Roam Loud clothing has been doing its part in making Wanderers feel confident, however, she’s not stopping there. “Encouraging freedom, confidence, and representation is an ongoing mission for the brand. I will always move the goalpost a little further. With the brand only being a year old, I believe we have and are setting a strong foundation and we have only scratched the surface,” says Omisore.

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