Rhode Island-based Leigh SilverWear Makes Antimicrobial Face Masks

The Rhode Island-based, woman-owned business is producing reusable, washable and antimicrobial face masks that are made with Ionic silver yarn technology.
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LEIGH SilverWear face masks.

Many of us have been trying to perfect smiling with our eyes since smiles are usually a huge part of our personalities. It’s hard to be hidden behind a mask, but if it is a bright, cheerful face mask then it certainly helps to show warmth and kindness.

Rhode Island-based Leigh SilverWear and Leigh Travel are new producers of antimicrobial face masks that are reusable and washable. The company also produces luggage and travel accessories and recently expanded to create face masks. Founder and CEO Tracey Cugno will be reopening a new showroom called the Leigh Company Store in Newport on April 1, where people can purchase travel products, including her ShoeCase for shoe storage, as well as the face masks.

The face masks are a partnership with Noble Biomaterials, and the silver lining is that you can’t smell your breath underneath them because they are constructed with an ionic silver yarn. The specially made Ionic silver yarn is a natural antimicrobial that prevents bacteria from growing on soft surfaces. Silver technology has been used in everything from water jugs to wound care to deter bacteria growth, so having the yarn weaved into face masks makes perfect sense. The silver technology is already incorporated into the lining in Leigh’s ShoeCase and other travel products, including neck pillows and blankets for air travel.

“Those that know our Leigh luggage line know how important the Ionic silver yarn is to keep our bags odor and bacteria-free,” Cugno says. “As the science became crystal clear about the importance of mask wearing, it made sense for us to develop our own line of facial coverings utilizing the same power of silver to prevent bacterial spread on a soft surface like a mask.”

The masks and gaiters come in three styles, varying sizes and multiple colors. We recommend bright colors as we head into spring. A mask can be fashionable accessory when you coordinate it with your whole outfit. shop-leigh.com

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