Give Yourself a Day of Tranquility at Remi TV’s Self-Care Expo

Learn various forms of self-care, meet with a meditation expert as well as local vendors, and more with TV personality Remi Jones at the self-care expo in downtown Pawtucket.
Diverse Women Attending Expo Smile At Smart Phone Photos

Talk all things self-care and mental health at Remi TV’s self-care expo on April 23 in downtown Pawtucket. Photograph by Getty Images.

Mental health and forms of self-care are anything but taboo at the upcoming self-care expo, taking place on Maple Street in Pawtucket, where Remi TV host Remi Jones will combine learning meditation and breathwork exercises with networking.

On April 23 from 2–6 p.m, get your burning questions about anxiety answered, practice exercises on how to manage anxiety and chat with self-care vendors such as A Morrisseau LLC, Wild and Pure Naturals and Palms of Divinity

Knowing that the people of Rhode Island work long hours or pass on vacation days, Jones created this self-care expo to spread awareness concerning mental and physical health, as well as guide guests on self-care tips and how to destress if they find themselves at a low point in their lives. Appearances during the expo include therapist Lisa Saunders and meditation and breathwork expert Damian Ewens.

While some think the only act of self-care is treating yourself to your favorite food, Jones wants to inform guests that there are plenty of forms of self-care and resources for mental health, especially if mental health is not an ongoing topic in most households. The talk show host also wants to spread love and light throughout the event, as we can never know what someone is truly going through.

Remi Jones

TV personality Remi Jones wants to raise awareness on topics of anxiety and mental health, especially throughout her community. Photograph by Mofliks Photography.

“What I hope to accomplish with this event is for men and women to feel comfortable with expressing their feelings and telling someone that they are not OK,” Jones says. “I want to normalize therapy for my community. I have lost a few people to suicide and want help people struggling with depression.”

Remi Jones hails from the West End of Providence, where she’s working to pursue a career in paralegal studies, as well as television and journalism. Jones has been featured on Forbes and Quotable Magazine during her journey to build her TV show, which highlights business owners and local talent who dedicate their work to give back to their community, such as videographer Stanley Bois and Gary Wallace of Hall of GraFX in Providence.

This free, positive and educational expo is centered around the guests, who have the chance to strut down a red carpet, meet with self-care vendors and mental health professionals, vibe to music by DJ Lady Ruck and take photos with friends at the photobooth. Guests also get to go home with new self-care products such as bath sponges, wipes and more.

Remi TV’s Self-Care Expo, April 23, 2–6 p.m, 25 Maple St., Pawtucket, 401-403-7157,,



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