Help Revive the Roots Raise Funds for its Continued Preservation Campaign

Support the nonprofit organization in helping it raise $300,000 by June 30 and save the growing eco-community in Smithfield.
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To donate to the Revive the Roots Continued Preservation Campaign, visit the website or text GROW to 401-399-4644. Photography courtesy of Hannah Martin.

Revive the Roots is the home of education, creativity and adventure for all who stop by to explore. Help keep the home standing with your contribution as it is currently working to secure the property through purchase from the Smithfield Land Trust.

The nonprofit organization based in Smithfield is currently seeking support from donors and local businesses to continue its preservation and development. Located in the historic 300-year-old Mary Mowry house, the nonprofit protects the house and grounds (twenty-three acres of walking trails, community gardens and open fields) for generations down the line to enjoy, with the goal to conserve nature, preserve history, and practice and promote sustainable local food production and large-scale donations.

Revive the Roots also hosts a number of community events, including music festivals, children’s programs, weekly volunteer days and more.

The live-in curators take care of different tasks to rehabilitate the house; Hannah Martin oversees community building and outreach, Annie Bayer is the resident farmer and volunteers liaison, Bradford Allard is in charge of property maintenance and development, and Alec Labine is the director of IT and donor support.

If the $300,000 goal is not met by the end of June, the Smithfield Land Trust may be forced to sell the land to a private developer or owner.

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For almost a decade, the Revive the Roots crew has been keeping up with maintenance and development throughout the historic Mary Mowry property.

“What owning the house and having it as the Revive the Roots headquarters means for our community is that we can continue doing these programs,” says Martin. “When we first started this project, the trails in the woods were full of tires and a lot of stuff that was dumped on the property. Having a permanent presence caring for the land is really important to the people who come here to visit or walk their dogs.”

Since 2014 to today, the crew has been working to give the entire house a well-deserved facelift, from rebuilding the porch to reglazing the windows. The funds raised will go towards operations of the house, the house purchase and some immediate projects, the first being upgrading the roof. The curators will also focus on accessibility features to open up the house for the public who want to check out the interior.

The nonprofit is kicking off its 401Gives fundraiser on March 31 at Homegrown Nursery with an Alice in Wonderland-themed event starting at 7 p.m. Dance, eat and drink in support of Revive the Roots, as the $50 ticket includes appetizers, a specialty cocktail and the chance to bid on gifts, art and participation at the Queen of Heart’s silent auction. 135 Gano St., Providence,

To donate to the Revive the Roots Continued Preservation Campaign, visit the website or text GROW to 401-399-4644. 374 Farnum Pike, Smithfield,



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