Help Reduce Food Waste From Restaurants with the Too Good to Go App

The number one food waste app is used across the United States, including Rhode Island, to connect households with surplus food.
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Each year, more than one third of food produced in the world goes to waste, becoming responsible for 10 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. This puts food waste as one of the top contributors to global warming. There are easy ways to reduce food waste though, something that Too Good To Go has been working hard to do.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s not a coincidence. Too Good To Go is the number one food waste app used all across the United States, and the world, to connect households with surplus food. The app has already launched in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and several other major cities. And as of last December, Providence, was added to the list.

The app connects restaurants and supermarkets with excess food that can be offered too families who need it. Businesses register with the app and offer “Surprise Bags” using whatever surplus food they have remaining at the end of the day at an affordable price. Families and individuals can find and reserve Surprise Bags near them using the app and pick them up at the business by showing the staff the reservation. It’s a win-win-win: hungry people receive food, businesses receive customers and the earth is spared the waste.

Several restaurants and establishments in Rhode Island have already teamed up with Too Good To Go, including Ellie’s, a local restaurant and bakery in Providence. “We saw the program as an opportunity to assist with a worldwide food waste initiative while also providing our end of the day products to the community,” says Ellen Slattery, owner of Ellie’s. “It was one of the simplest programs to put into place. I highly recommend it to every food business.”

The app is free to download, and shows you step by step how to connect with local restaurants. Users can set a location and distance, and manage their preferences to purchase and pick up Surprise Bags most relevant to them. The app will even display the amount of bags still available so you know when you need to hurry. The demand is always high, according to Ellie’s. “The program sells out every day. It’s a positive experience all around,” says Slattery.

So far, Too Good To Go has more than 52 million users and has saved 119 million meals from the landfill worldwide. They are partnered with 75,000 businesses across five different countries with the goal of empowering ordinary people to make a change to better the planet. The Too Good To Go app has provided affordable meals to those who need them, and made it just a little easier to go green in the process.



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