Pizza Wine is a New Canned Sparkling Red Wine Available at Pizza Marvin

Put down the beer and pair pizza with Pizza Wine, a sparkling red wine that perfectly balances tomatoes and cheese.

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Sure, beer may be a good pairing for pizza, but if you don’t want to feel bloated — like you just had pizza and beer — then reach for Pizza Wine. It’s a new canned sparkling red wine available at Pizza Marvin. It comes in convenient cans so you can take it with you to picnics, beach outings, cookouts and any other outdoor activity, just in time for the warm weather.

Friends of Fox Point’s Pizza Marvin dreamed up the branding and design for the cans and kegs of sparkling red wine. So when Pizza Marvin co-owner Robert Andreozzi isn’t getting 8.2 ratings from Stool Presidente Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, fending off praise for being a 2023 James Beard Foundation Awards semifinalist nominee for Best Chef: Northeast or appearing on the cover of Rhode Island Monthly magazine, he’s kicking back with a can of Pizza Wine. I mean, he has to after all of that. Whew.

“The credit for Pizza Wine really belongs to the team, not me,” says Rob Andreozzi, diverting attention to the group behind the new beverage.

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The Pizza Wine team includes Jesse Hedberg (beverage director named Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender); Liz McDonnell (former co-owner of Fortnight Wine Bar); and branding duo Alaina Andreozzi (Rob’s sister and marketer for CPG brands like Shake Shack, Hu Kitchen, and Icelandic Provisions) and Christiana Guzman (designer and creative director for brands like On/Go).

“The team behind pizza wine is obsessed with hospitality, food, wine and strong brands, and all of this passion came together for the Pizza Wine launch earlier this month,” says McDonnell, who has gained valuable experience in the wine industry by co-owning a wine bar in Providence.

The label on the can is super fun, and it is meant to be enjoyed in a casual and non-fussy setting. Wine doesn’t need to be complicated, so if you want to pour it over ice or mix it with Coke, then by all means, do it. “Drinking wine shouldn’t be hard, no matter how many or how few wine terms you know,” she says.

Christiana Guzman came up with the label design and Alaina Andreozzi is leading the marketing efforts, while tapping into their experience working with other major brands. “The carefree side of the label describes the wine as ‘bubbly, refreshing, and crushable.’ Words flow around a drippy pizza slice, telling you exactly how to experience the wine,” the team says. “A more serious side of the label describes how the pairing works, how acidity and bubbles interact with tomato and cheese to provide an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts.”

Right now Pizza Wine is available exclusively at Pizza Marvin, but the team hopes to expand the brand into other markets in the future. “We want to grow organically, incorporating feedback from our early experiences and plan our next steps from there,” McDonnell says. “Go try it and tell us what you think!”

468 Wickenden St., Providence, 401-262-3336,

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