5 Essential Ice Cream Sandwiches to Try in Rhode Island

The Ocean State is taking ice cream sandwiches to a whole new level.

As an ice cream fanatic, I can never say no to a scoop (or two) of chocolate chip cookie dough, cake batter or mint chocolate chip ice cream. But do you know what I enjoy even more than ice cream? I love a good ol’ ice cream sandwich. The marriage of two cookies with ice cream nestled in between them creates the perfect harmony. Who doesn’t love a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie with their favorite ice cream flavor smushed in the middle?

The best thing about an ice cream sandwich is how diverse it can be. There are so many choices and combinations from the flavor of the ice cream you choose to the type of base you use. Try ice cream sandwiched between two cookies (or doughnuts, macarons, churros: you name it, it can be done). Restaurants and businesses are taking ice cream sandwiches to a whole new level and the Ocean State has plenty of creative options.


A doughnut ice cream sandwich from Knead Doughnuts.

Knead Doughnuts

Picture this: A vanilla glazed doughnut sliced in half and stuffed with vanilla ice cream, with a spectacular view of Providence in the background.  Knead Doughnuts is partnering with Vic’s Ice Cream to create a doughnut and ice cream creation. These doughnut ice cream sandwiches are available seven days a week beginning at noon, and although there are recommendations for the best combination, customers can customize their own doughnut and ice cream match. I got a chocolate glazed doughnut with vanilla ice cream and, boy, was it delicious! Vic’s is offering several flavors including vanilla, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate truffle which is vegan. These doughnut ice cream sandwiches are totally a want and definitely a Knead! 32 Custom House St.; 135 Elmgrove Ave., Providence, 401-865-6622, kneaddoughnuts.com.


Callebaut chocolate ice cream on salty pretzel cookies from Tricycle Ice Cream.

Tricycle Ice Cream

Just like the name sounds, this three-wheeled trike has been hitting the streets all summer long at local events around Rhody, including the Hope Street Farmers Market, the Aquidneck Growers Market and more. Plus, the bricks and mortar location now in Providence, offers an entire smorgasbord of ice cream and cookie combinations totaling more than sixty different sandwich options. One of the more unusual creations is a vanilla imperial stout ice cream with toasted pecan sticky bun pieces on cinnamon cookies. If you are into a more traditional sandwich, check out the Madagascar vanilla ice cream on New Harvest espresso shortbread cookies. I tried the Callebaut chocolate ice cream on a salty pretzel cookie and its sweet and salty mix is a delicious twist on a classic flavor combo. Tricycle also offers delicious push pops and ice cream tacos, too. Check out their Instagram page for inspiration. 70 Battey St., 401-741-3549, tricycleicecream.com


Macaron ice cream sandwiches from Ellie’s Bakery.

Ellie’s Bakery

You don’t have to travel all the way to France for a French macaron. Ellie’s Bakery in the heart of Providence offers pop-in-your-mouth, bite-sized French macaron ice cream sandwiches. Flavors rotate each week, and the bakery uses seasonal fruits from local farms and even makes outside-the-box flavors like spicy chocolate and pistachio. Ellie’s also has a mobile cart fondly known as Millie, which can be booked for parties and other fun events. 225 Weybosset St., Providence, 401-563-3333, elliesprov.com.


A Super Chipper from Newport Creamery.

Newport Creamery

All Rhode Islanders know what an Awful Awful is, but what if you go to Newport Creamery on a day other than Awful Awful Monday? Check out the Super Chipper, a traditional, large, chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Pick your favorite ice cream flavor to be sandwiched between two warm cookies and it will melt (literally) in your mouth. Plus, the ice cream sandwich is big enough for two servings, so share with a friend or put it in the freezer to finish later. Various locations, newportcreamery.com.


Ice cream sandwich from Pizza J.

Pizza J

If pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert sounds appealing to you, head to Pizza J for a pizza pie and a Lil Lyon’s ice cream sando. It is a traditional ice cream sandwich of housemade vanilla bean ice cream scooped between two chocolate chip cookies. Sounds delicious right? Pizza J also offers a vegan version to suit everyone’s dietary needs. At this quirky and chill spot, you can’t go wrong with this meal. 967 Westminster St., Providence, 401-632-0555, pizzajprovidence.com.



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