How to Throw a Virtual Cocktail Party

Willa Van Nostrand of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails can help you host a virtual cocktail experience at home with friends. 
Willa Van Nostrand of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails organizes virtual cocktail parties that may include costumes, cocktail kits, bartending demos and more. Photography by Angel Tucker.

Step 1: Pick a Virtual Platform.
Zoom, Skype and Google Meet are favorites because they provide free options that are easy to use. Host up to 100 participants on Zoom for up to forty minutes or fifty guests on Skype before upgrading to their paid service. Google Meet is convenient if you have a Gmail account. Download your preferred app, set a time, copy the link and share it in the invitation.

Step 2: Curate the Guest List.
Pick five to ten of your favorite humans and make introductions. Extra credit goes to hosts willing to share their hidden talents on screen. Parties with more than twenty-five guests can get rowdy (or worse, boring), so keep the group small unless it’s a professional conference or workshop.

Step 3: Choose a Party Theme.
Themes add natural structure to your event. Here’s where props and fun attire do the trick. My favorites include: David Bowie, tropical drinks, Hollywood classics, flamboyant hats and, yes, fake mustaches.

Step 4: Plan Your Entertainment.
Group activities, trivia, menu pairings and simple how-to demos encourage real interaction. Pick a game or share your favorite drink recipe to include in the invitation. Book a live musician, deejay, chef or bartender to wow the crowd!

Step 5: Design an Invitation.
Email and paper invitations both work, so long as you include the date, start time, end time, theme, attire and the link to the event. Remember to send your guests a reminder the day of your event. Tip: Need help with an invitation? Hire a local artist to design the invite.

Step 6: Set the Stage.
Choose a tidy place in your home with good lighting and relax! The key is that you look and feel presentable. Style your hair, dab on your favorite scent or do a few jumping jacks to release those butterflies. Provide an escape from the regular day to day, and have a nice, relaxed time with your friends.

Looking to coordinate cocktail kits or a virtual drink demo for your next party? Order cocktail kits at Check our Instagram @littlebittecocktails for our latest cocktail kit options and pick up drink kits at the new cocktail window at World’s Fair Gallery, 268 Broadway in Providence.

Signature Cocktail Recipe
Classic Sour

Here’s a great recipe template to inspire your next signature cocktail: for a personalized spin on a Classic Sour, combine 2 parts of favorite base spirit + 1 part citrus juice + 1 part simple syrup. Guests are welcome to drink whatever they want, but recipes help set the tone.


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