Letters to the Editor: October

Rhode Island Monthly readers reflect on homelessness and Rhody's lost landmarks.

Philosopher Felicia Nimu Ackerman submitted a short poem in response to our Reporter column on panhandling.

Letters to the Editor: September

Rhode Island Monthly readers reflect on the business of squid and pet fostering.

“If Rhode Island really needs a state appetizer, what’s wrong with the friendly, humble, less-threatening and better tasting quahog stuffie?” writes Mark Thompson.

Letters to the Editor: August

Rhode Island Monthly readers reflect on Bill Cunningham and adopted town love.

“This gives me a different perspective and better appreciation for our beautiful state,” writes Sue Reynolds.

June Letters to the Editor

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in on Twin Oaks, a Catholic axe to grind and a local Dreamer.

Reader Jack Hardin remembers the veal parma and hot fudge sundaes of yore.

Letters: Family Ties, Free Tuition

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

“Curling Comes to Rhode Island,” January Awesome! It's the only Olympic sport that you can drink beer and play at the same time! John Covey VIA Facebook “Family Ties,” January The original New York System hot wiener restaurant is on Smith Street in Providence and was founded in 1927. When I was a youngster going to junior high school I…

Letters: RIers of the Year, a Rear View

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

Current, December Thank you so much for initiating the piece, “Neighborhood Crime Fighter.” Hopefully, it will encourage other neighborhoods to start similar actions. Cheryl Simmons Providence   “Rhode Islanders of the Year,” December Thank you for highlighting the work of Dr. Hank Wietsma, Dr. Ernie Finocchio and the newly opened Pets In Need Veterinary Clinic in your December issue. We…

Syrian Refugees in RI and Pizza Praise

Rhode Island Monthly readers weigh in.

“They’ve All Come to Look for America,” October I am a subscriber and would like to say the article on the Syrian refugees was fantastic. It was very well written and got to the heart of what refugees go through. I think it would help people see refugees in a different way, to learn how hard it is for them….