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July20 Digital Edition

“Plant Power,” April

Gorgeous cover Rhode Island Monthly and awesome coverage by Jamie Coelho. Plant-based eating is huge right now and I can’t wait to try all of these places when the dust settles.
Jill Magee Marinelli
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Your Town, April

I would like to let you know of my displeasure with your latest issue of Rhode Island Monthly. We are new residents of Rhode Island and have enjoyed your magazine and have found it very valuable in learning about our new state. When the latest issue arrived and on the cover had in rather large font “Plant Power,” I was very excited to dig in and read the well-done story. I liked the fact that it showcased a few places, ones that I will certainly be visiting hopefully in the near future.
Then to my surprise I came upon the article focused on Graze Burgers and its beef supplier, JW Beef, out of Stonington, Connecticut. My question is why would you choose to showcase a restaurant that focuses on hamburgers in the same edition as the one touting veganism? At the very least I found it mildly irritating and insensitive that you would choose to include this particular restaurant in the story. I haven’t spent any time in Westerly, but I would think there might be some restaurants there that focus their menu on more of a plant-based approach.
Paul Hammond

Reporter, March

Thanks, Ellen Liberman and Rhode Island Monthly for telling this story [on the state archives] so well! Loved the ending — subtle shout-out to Bridget Valverde and Justine Caldwell.
Nellie Gorbea
Rhode Island Secretary of State

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Loneliness, however, really needn’t hold full sway.
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Felicia Nimue Ackerman