Where to Get Calamari on Federal Hill

Rhode Island-style calamari can be found at more than a dozen restaurants on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island.
Camille’s calamari fritti features Point Judith squid. Photo by Angel Tucker.

Rhode Island-style calamari can be found at more than a dozen restaurants on Federal Hill in Providence. Take a look at your options, then build your own fried calamari tour by bouncing from place to place and tasting the bounty of the sea for yourself.

For a perfect version of classic Rhode Island-style, Andino’s is lightly breaded and served with hot cherry peppers, garlic sauce and a side of Frank Sinatra. 171 Atwells Ave., Providence, 453-3164, andinosprovidence.com

Anthony’s Authentic Italian Cuisine
Fried calamari is sauteed with white wine and plated with fresh lemon garlic butter aioli and banana peppers, plus a side of housemade plum tomato marinara. 441 Atwells Ave., Providence, 273-5900, anthonys.restaurant

Angelo’s Restaurant
Tradizionale Calamari involves breaded and fried calamari rings served with a side of Angelo’s signature hot pepper rings,
olives and roasted red pepper combo and topped with Pecorino Romano cheese. 141 Atwells Ave., Providence, 621-8171, angelosri.com

Camille’s Restaurant
Calamari fritti features Point Judith fried squid, banana peppers, Champagne garlic butter and fresh mint. 71 Bradford St., Providence, 751-4812, camillesonthehill.com

Cassarino’s Restaurant
Cassarino’s version stars calamari rings, breaded and lightly fried with pepperoncinis and tossed with a choice of garlic butter or balsamic vinegar. 177 Atwells Ave., Providence, 751-3333, cassarinosri.com

Costantino’s Ristorante
Point Judith-sourced calamari rings are lightly battered and tossed with garlic butter and sliced cherry peppers. 275 Atwells Ave., Providence, 528-1100, costantinosristorante.com

Massimo Providence
Point Judith-landed calamari cavorts with tomatoes, hot pepper rings and arugula with spicy lemon aioli for dipping in Massimo’s calamari fritti. 134 Atwells Ave., Providence, 273-0650, massimori.com

Nara Lounge
Mediterranean calamari contains deep-fried squid rings, kalamata olives, oven-roasted tomatoes, garlic, spinach and fresh lemon. 248 Atwells Ave., Providence, 273-6272, facebook.com/providencenara

OPA Restaurant
Opa’s version is grilled, not fried, and served with a vinegar, oregano and olive marinade with pita bread for dipping. 230 Atwells Ave., Providence, 351-8282, opaprovidence.com

Pane E Vino
Calamari in Padella is pan-fried Point Judith calamari with cherry tomatoes and spicy pepper rings, served with white balsamic sauce. 365 Atwells Ave., Providence, 223-2230, panevino.net

Providence Oyster Bar
This is an Asian spin on calamari with pickled cucumber, peppadew peppers, pickled ginger and wasabi aioli, but the restaurant also serves Rhode Island-style with hot peppers, garlic and herbs. 283 Atwells Ave., Providence, 272-8866, provoysterbar.com

Sicilia’s Pizzeria
Order a fried calamari appetizer with New York-style pizza. 181 Atwells Ave., Providence, 273-9222, siciliasonline.com

Tavolo Wine Bar and Grille
Fried calamari is sauteed with a trio of peppers, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. 289 Atwells Ave., Providence, 274-6000, tavolowinebar.com

Trattoria Zooma
Calamari in Padella is served with baby arugula, tomatoes and white balsamic vinegar on the side. 245 Atwells Ave., Providence, 383-2002, trattoriazooma.com

Find more places for calamari at federalhillprov.com

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