Track Down Pavlov’s Treats For Dogs Food Truck

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for (dog) ice cream!” How one woman’s dog-walking business turned into delivering dog treats on wheels.

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We’re all familiar with the classic sound of an ice cream truck on a hot summer’s day, with kids begging their parents to run up and enjoy a cold, sweet treat. And now, there’s something for all our furry friends, too, thanks to Karyne Bazzano, CEO and inventor of Pavlov’s Treats For Dogs. The plan for her truck? Selling a number of fun dog treats and ice cream to all dog walkers starting this summer. Hence the name Pavlov, inspired by the famous Russian physiologist and his study on classical condition with dogs and hunger. 

Bazzano’s dog-walking business, Sniff Snout in Boston, had been walking more than 100 dogs a week until social distancing orders came into place. That business is currently on hold because owners have been working from home and have been choosing to walk their own dogs. Bazzano said she had to shift gears. She got the idea for a mobile treat business from a dog. 

“My boyfriend has a beautiful husky that waits every night in front of the freezer for dog-friendly ice cream,” Bazzano says, which sparked her idea to find a way to bring treats of all kinds to hundreds of other dogs as well. 

99156561 2686024028333252 885757492070449152 OThe menu is sure to make any dog drool. Bazzano’s truck offers a signature dog waffle bowl complete with a scoop of healthy and homemade dog ice cream (vogurt, peanut butter, bananas and either squash or potatoes) with a dog biscuit on top. Other treats include a spaghetti and meatball blend, which is cooked squash and chicken, and a chicken and waffles combination in the works. 

“I want it to be [like] ‘Del’s” for dogs,'” Bazzano says. Right now, the business is still figuring out its plan for an efficient route, but it’s relying on customers to submit zip codes for potential visits. Pavlov’s plans to deliver to more areas soon. Bazzano hopes to have a consistent schedule posted by June 15. For more updates, check out


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