Tilted Barn Brewery Plans to Grow with New Barn and Tasting Room

The brewery plans to open an expansive tasting room and thirty-barrel brewhouse on the same property by late-summer 2020.

A rendering of the new Tilted Barn Brewery from Tilted Barn’s blog.

In honor of its five-year anniversary, Tilted Barn Brewery just announced it is expanding and building a new barn on its current property in Exeter, Rhode Island, featuring an expansive tasting room and thirty-barrel brewhouse.

They are keeping the new brewery on the farm, located on a hill overlooking the Christmas trees and the namesake “tilted” barn. It will be a New England-style post and beam barn, plus there will be plenty of lawn, outdoor seating and a patio area for guests.

From Tilted Barn’s blog: “As those of you who have visited us here on the farm know, our sense of place is almost as important as the beer: the packed Barn on cool nights with the wood stove roaring; the field by the pond on summer afternoons and evenings with the sun setting in the background; the Christmas tree fields in the winter with families seeking out the perfect tree. All of these scenes are an integral part of who we are and for this reason we have chosen to keep our new brewery on our farm rather than look elsewhere. The new building will be situated on the hill overlooking the sheep and donkeys grazing through the hops and Christmas trees with the original Barn in the background. This is the best view of the farm, which we are happy to share with everyone who visits.”

The expanded Tilted Barn hopes to be running by late-summer 2020, which means more beer, and expanded hours to buy beer, and maybe even some taps around the state will soon pour Tilted Barn beer.

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