Play Blackstone Valley Bingo

Support the Blackstone Valley restaurants, breweries and retail establishments by playing bingo.

Blackstone Valley Rhode Island has started a game of Blackstone Valley Bingo to encourage people to shop and support Blackstone Valley businesses offering curbside pickup and delivery with a chance to win great prizes.

Rhode Island Monthly’s on the Move

In six months, we’ll be in Pawtucket.

The complex is also home to Mixed Magic Theatre and a couple of small food and beverage start-ups, including Crooked Current Brewery, White Dog Distilling, Ja Patty Jamaican patty company, as well as a new diner, dubbed Miss Lorraine.

Isle Brewers Guild Adds Two New Craft Beer Partners

Night Shift Brewing of Everett, Massachusetts, and Wash Ashore Beer Company of Martha’s Vineyard, are now being brewed at the craft beer cooperative in Pawtucket.

Night Shift and Wash Ashore breweries sought out the Guild in order to increase their production and expand their offerings to reach more beer drinkers in the Northeast area.