Newly Launched Sweet Tree Creamery Offers Dairy-Free, Plant-Based Ice Cream

Keep a look out for the new all-natural and allergen-friendly treat at a local restaurant or creamery near you.
Sweet Tree Creamery All Flavors 2 Photo Credit Jenna Skutnik

Sweet Tree Creamery offers delicious flavors like vanilla bean and chocolate chip cookies dough. Photo by Jenna Skutnik.

The rise of plant-based treats continues with Sweet Tree Creamery, a brand-new company bringing delicious non-dairy ice cream to Rhode Island scoop shops and restaurants.

Premium plant-based ice cream artisan Deena Jalal started off in the ice cream business with a local plant-based ice cream company called FoMu, which has a small commissary kitchen outside of Boston and four stores located in the Boston area. The common theme with Sweet Tree Creamery and FoMu is using real ingredients to create all-natural ice creams.

“We were testing recipes because at FoMu we make recipes on very small machines, it’s very manual,” says Jalal. “[With Sweet Tree,] we’re using the same kind of ingredients but in larger machines.”

“We try to keep our ingredient list really clean and use real ingredients,” says Jalal. “Everything we put into the ice cream is handmade; we’re doing a lot of pureeing of fruits and hand-making cookies, crumbles and things like that. While we’re proud of the product we make, we do recognize that for some people, the price point is at a premium and it may not be accessible for all people.”

Jalal wanted to bring her plant-based treats to the masses, so she partnered up with Bruce Ginsberg, founder of New England Ice Cream (NEICC), to manufacture the product and distribute it throughout Northeastern states such as Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont.

“We knew the only way that we’d be able to accommodate more customers broadly and at a lower price point would be to work with a company that manufactures confections already and would be able to source ingredients in larger quantities and bring that price point down,” says Jalal, who ensures the ingredients are all-natural and plant based. “That has enabled us over the past couple of years to distribute this new brand, Sweet Tree, to more restaurants and scoop shops.”

Sweet Tree Creamery Cookies Cream Photo Credit By Jenna SkutnikFlavors include vanilla bean, dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter swirl, and cookies and cream, with strawberry shortcake coming soon. They can all be enjoyed in local restaurants such as Plant City and ice cream spots including Josie’s Ice Cream, Nana’s Ice Cream, Dairy King and Sundaes.

“If you think about all those individual mom and pop seasonal scoop shops that you see on the shore, in the suburbs and in smaller towns, this is really their opportunity to serve something that isn’t your run-of-the-mill, inexpensive mass processed ice cream, so people have an option that’s different,” says Jalal.

Sweet Tree Creamery ice cream flavors are also available in three-gallon tubs for wholesale distribution throughout New England, and Jalal hopes to branch out to other states and ice cream lovers beyond the Northeast. And, later this summer, plant-based fanatics can pick up quarts for $9.99 so every family member can indulge at home.

Visit Sweet Tree Creamery’s website and follow along on Instagram.



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