Snapchilled Artisan Coffee in a Can is a Thing

Elemental Beverage Co., out of nearby Watertown, Massachusetts, has mastered new technology that rapidly cools liquids to preserve flavors.

Elemental Beverage Co.’s snapchilled iced coffees in a can.

You’ve heard of beer in a can. And wine in a can. But now there’s coffee in a can, so that you can crack open an expertly brewed iced coffee and enjoy it without having to do any of the work yourself.

Elemental Beverage Co., out of nearby Watertown, Massachusetts, has patented what they’ve dubbed “Snapchilled” technology, which “rapidly cools liquids from 140°F to 40°F in sixty seconds.” Snapchilled coffees preserve tasting notes of hot brewed coffee (or any liquids) without oxidation, dilution or additives. Using methods like ice, cold brewing and refrigeration can dilute and oxidize flavors and aromas, but this method chills almost instantly without ice or chemicals in a way that’s convenient for your home and office (because not everyone can have a keg of iced coffee at home).

We tried various brews from Elemental Beverage’s ready-to-drink line of Snapchilled coffees, made from single-origin beans, including a sampler of Kolla Bolcha from Ethiopia, San Alejo from Columbia and Kayanza from Burundi. Each one has its own flavor profile ranging from strong and earthy to sweet and mellow. These coffees don’t require milk or cream or added sugar, because they are delicious, creamy and flavorful on their own.

We also tried a rare bottle of Gesha, a limited supply offering presented in a gift box containing a beautiful glass bottle that resembles a wine decanter paired with delicate glassware. Its fancy presentation suggests that this is coffee that you should savor and sip like a fine wine. It’s sourced from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, the largest Gesha farm in the world, located in the mountains of Panama, and it features the most expensive coffee bean in the world at $450/lb. The Founder’s Selection is the one chosen coffee selected by founder Joseph Brodsky at the pinnacle of production. It has flavors of ripe strawberries, citrus, apples and cognac.

The Gesha limited supply offering from Elemental Beverage Co.

With a six-pack of brews from Elemental Beverage, now there’s really no need to rely on the office coffee machine. The snapchilled ready-to-drink coffees can be stored in the office fridge for your three-o’clock pick-me-up. Except now you might have to guard your stash from coffee thieves instead of lunch thieves!

Elemental Beverage Co.’s ready-to-drink canned coffees are available locally at Olga’s Cup and Saucer. 103 Point St., Providence, 401-831-6666,



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