Add a Little Extra Something to Your Cup at West Shore Coffee Bar

This local cafe serves up so much more than lattes and iced coffee.

West Shore Coffee Bar is a place where coffee snobs and sugar junkies can meet in the middle. Whether you prefer simple cream and sugar or something over the top, this coffee shop is elevating beans with a little extra something in your cup.

The shop, located near the Oakland Beach neighborhood in Warwick, has been open just shy of a year, but its social media recently exploded. Anything you could possibly put into a cup of coffee, they’ve done it.

“Coffee is an art. If you want a strong coffee, but you’re looking for something basic, we’ll pour you a nice espresso or a latte,” says owner, Dan Saffer, a New York City transplant. “You want something intricate, and we get into the things like our coffee milk latte. We also look out for the kids as well, with things like our unicorn shake. We try to cater to everybody.”

As I sat and enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter latte, one of the best-sellers on the “secret menu” – an extension of the main menu with more extravagant drinks – the background reggae music was the perfect complement to the shop’s surfer/skater vibe, which fits in seamlessly with the Oakland Beach neighborhood. The shop also offers several breakfast and lunch options for those who are craving something more filling.

West Shore Coffee Bar caters to the espresso enthusiast, the caffeine fiend and even the craft beer lover, offering a selection of local brews and delicious wine to round out the menu. The beer list rotates with the customers.

“We do one and done,” says Saffer. “We get a log, and once it’s done, we get something else.” Proclamation Derivative Citra was recently featured as a Rhode Island-made beer on the list. But beer isn’t the only thing they’re selling to help their customers chill out.

“We can also add CBD oil to any of our drinks, and you can buy the bottle and bring it home,” says Saffer. “We use Koi Naturals, which is based in California and they’re the highest rated CBD supplier in the world.”

CBD or Cannabidiol – without getting too technical – is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and it’s 100 percent legal. Though the research is still in its infancy and there’s lots of controversy surrounding the topic, some users swear it can alleviate pain, nausea and anxiety, and ease symptoms of depression, ADHD, ALS, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and others. It is tasteless in each drink and costs $2 to add in.

Even if you’re not sure about adding some CBD oil to your latte, you can sit back and take in the awesome art around the shop. Stay and have a glass of wine or a sandwich, write something cool on the chalkboard wall, and be sure to tell them we sent you! 2291 West Shore Rd., Warwick, 401-921-2999,


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